Integrative Aromatic Botanical Venture

Integrative Aromatic Botanical Venture

The Integrative Aromatic Botanical Venture (IABV) is an organization established to advance the visibility of plants recognized for therapeutic essential oil content and consult on their use in diverse areas of agricultural, commerce and health.

A Colorful Vision of Biodiversity and Health

Our vision at IABV is to promote aromatic medicine, sustainability and biodiversity by integrating essential oil source plants into farms, residences and public spaces.

Many aromatic botanical plants are easy to cultivate and visually attractive – like lavender and geranium. Properly utilized, these plants provide considerable environmental benefits during the growing cycle and may be harvested and processed for valuable essential oil content.

Rising awareness about the danger of monoculture crop selection coupled with increasing popularity for essential oil based products suggests the time is right to integrate aromatic botanical plants into various agricultural models for environment, health and profit.

Our goal at IABV is to develop sustainable models of agriculture, commerce, lifestyle and medicine that integrate wellness and egalitarianism throughout the cycle chain. IABV offers consultation, education and implementation of these concepts to businesses, governments and communities alike.

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